NetLogo 6 is now available with some useful new features such as the auto-completion of code and the option of collapsing procedures. However, there are a few problems and current users of BEEHAVE will need to do a small edit to the model before running BEEHAVE in the new NetLogo version 6.
A major problem is also that BEEHAVE runs much slower in NetLogo 6, in our recent test it was four times slower than the Netlogo version 5.3.1. Additionally the “Undo” command does not work so beware! This means that we don’t currently recommend NetLogo 6 for the efficient use of BEEHAVE until some of these issues have been addressed.
If you do want to use this new version, an automated conversion is available but you may get an error message. What you need to do is remove the “Video” button (which is no longer supported by NetLogo 6) and automated conversion should be successful.

Video button on BEEHAVE
Click here for the new Netlogo 6 user manual and feature changes.